3 Types of People Who Tell The Truth

There's only 3 types of people who always tell the truth - toddlers, drunks and those with nothing to lose. I say this as moments ago I asked my spunky 3 year old daughter to pick up her puzzle off the floor polluted from last nights popcorn and this afternoons crackers, and she quickly responded with "why who's coming over?" o m g.

Throwback to the PERFECT summer day.

Trust me when I tell you, I'm not that super clean mom. I salute those of you who are, but I just don't know how you get it done. Having a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old, our little house is destroyed from top to bottom pretty much all of the time. I send them downstairs to the playroom, so I can quickly clean the kitchen floor and scrub the peanut butter off the couch (for the fourth time this week) then I go downstairs to find every toy box thrown upside down along side the ash bucket from our fireplace. Please read that again. Yes, I said ash bucket. It looks like a desert goddamn storm. Head to toe covered in soot AND they've already been bathed tonight. How have I raised two delinquents... I joke...maybe.. No, seriously though they are sweet kids, around everyone else, but their mother. You know what I mean?

I've scrubbed the basement floor 3 times, yet you can still see a foggy soot layer covering our hardwood. Tonight is a night that the wine is calling my name, but I'm still sober since the New Year.. that's a story for another day. I thought getting back to blogging about my chaos, might be a bit of a stress reliever because I can't be the only crazy mom feeling like I'm getting absolutely nothing done on a day-to-day basis. I know we're all doing our best, and that's all that matters... right?

Love each other + be kind,
tomorrow is a new day.
xo J