I suspect it is hard to love us: Mothers.

I don't know about you, but I spend the majority of my days in sweats. I don't mean nice lululemon or fabletics comfies, but like BIG loose pants (with a drawstring) and a hoodie. Sometimes it might even be my husbands oversized sweater. No make-up, no nail polish, no perfectly placed hair.  That's the recipe for one hot mess Mama. Just the real, raw me, 95% of the time. I thrive in comfy clothes, or at least that's what I like to think.

There's days when I fill our one cup coffee maker with two cups of water and then don't realize until it's already run all over the counter and onto the floor.

There's times I place things in completely the wrong places because I am constantly distracted. Have you ever found your remote control in your freezer?

Most days and night we are up all hours around the clock. We are often too tired to cook, not only for ourselves, but our husbands that our counting on us. You know this is you, when you're on a first name basis with your delivery guy? Oops.

We don't get the choice to sleep in or do much for ourselves because there are people who need us ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes we miss weekend events, holidays, birthdays, because we don't have the energy to function, let alone be social. Don't even get me started on those mamas going through postpartum depression, mood disorder and anxiety, mommying is so hard.

There's times when we don't want to talk, because we would rather sit and enjoy the silence.

We don't always want to move when you get home, and welcome you with a big hug and kiss. The moment Daddy walks in the door, is finally a moment I might be able to escape to pee by myself for the first time today.

We really don't stop moving all day. Between the laundry, dishes, bed making, floor sweeping, castle building, tag and hide + seek we are ran off of our feet.

It may seem us Mothers, may have left all our caring, our heart and our love with our children, and have nothing left to give you and some days this is true. We are on empty a lot of the time.

You don't always know how many times that day we are mired by anxiety or we've wept, we've yelled, or we are just down right scared. Scared we are missing something. Scared we weren't cut out for motherhood. Scared we will let you down. our children down and honestly ourselves down. Trust me, we have high standards for ourselves and every single day is a new challenge and our tasks are completely different.

Toddlers teething, going through a sleep regression, or a developmental leap, there are so many stages of growth you may not even know we are dealing with. Sometimes we cry a lot (and apparently that's normal). We are so proud to do a job we love, but we are also terrified to do it because it is breaking us down while putting the most vulnerable part of us at risk.

You know, I suspect it is hard to a Mother, but know this: your Wife, the Mother of your children, needs your love. CRAVES your understanding. She needs to know "you get it". She needs to be the one taken care of every once and a while. She needs someone else to take charge of the details because doing it constantly by herself is so exhausting - mentally and physically. Sometimes she needs a shoulder to cry on when she can't even tell you why she is grieving. Needs you to do the hardest work you may ever do, which is just to love her through the thick and thin, the good, the bad, and the ugly.