10 Steps To Know If You're Ready To Be A Mother.

Are you ready for your house to be destroyed? Think pb & j all over your couch, crayons on your walls, food on the floor all the time, and that’s just the beginning. Toddlers are monsters.
Can you survive on no sleep?(or maybe you’ll be blessed with a sleeper, if so, that’s a big fuck off with your happy self) 
Are you prepared to look like a hot mess troll the majority of the time? 
If a long hot shower is considered to be a luxury, would you be okay with that?
Are you ready to pee your pants when you do jumping jacks or run or laugh too hard?(You might be lucky and have this happen only after multiple babies)
  • Think about squeezing a watermelon out of a lemon..... enough said. You ready? 
  • How do you feel about your house NEVER being clean again for more than 5 minutes? Not even all at one time.  
  • Maybe this should be titled how to age a decade in 3 years... have kids. 
  • What if every Pampers commercial broke you into tears? Mom emotions.. wow. 
  • Are you ready to endure the hardest, most rewarding, rollercoaster job you will ever have, knowing there's no pay, you are on duty 24/7 and,  sometimes, it seems like there are very few rewards?

Oh I forgot Mom Brain, it’s real I promise. I hope I didn’t scare you too much if you don't have children already (but I hope you did laugh out loud a few times at least).  I was being completely honest that mothering is hard af and you’ll lose yourself at times, but when you have that kind of exhausting, exhilarating, incredible love that can bring you to your knees, it's life changing and so precious.

Trust me, I know you love your dogs so much, your spouse and your family, BUT it has no comparison to the love you feel being a parent. It will be the most momentous time in your life and all the feelings you deal with are guaranteed to be as grand as the love you have for your new babe.

Just one last thing, you may think I am lying, but IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT.