Lotus Leggings Review

OKAY, so lets start here....

If you've been wondering why the hell my blog is even called Blankies + Burpees, it's because of my littles obsession with their special blankets and my dedication on my fitness journey. Because those babes and those burpees pretty much sum up my life... DOESN'T THAT SOUND SO EXCITING?!

So I was thinking it was time I bothered to post something fitness related and um well (obviously I wasn't sure where to go with this) I realized I haven't mentioned what I thought about Lotus Leggings. I am sure you've seen all the sponsored ads plastered all over social media and the cheap sales they have, don't let them fool you by saying ** millions of leggings bought because each and everyone of those millions of people that bought once, have probably not purchased again.

Just like the price, the quality is cheap! If you're just wanting to be matchy match with your kiddos like I did, then go for it, but honestly they're not something I would even wear outside of my house.... maybe just to bed and that's pushing it (LOL). The waistband is a small thin elastic on this style, so the fit is shitty (excuse my French). Maybe it's just me, but I felt like a stuffed sausage just putting them on. I have only worn them once to try them on and take these pictures, so not for adults, BUT they do look adorable on Jersey and she does absolutely love having the little mermaid on her pants (um like what sweet girl wouldn't?). There are lots of different styles, but I'm not going to fork out anymore money on something I may or may not ever wear again.

---- > THEY WOULD NEVER ever WORK FOR A WORKOUT! So a huge fail in my books.

f you're looking for high quality workout leggings for a great price, you MUST check out Fabletics. I've been wearing them for 2 years. Rewind 2 years and I was 8 months pregnant! That's when I tried my first outfit and fell in LOVE. The fabric is perfect. Fits your curves smooth, keeps everything in tight and fitted. If you want to feel sexy in your workout clothes you need to try it. I felt all of their items are true to size and I have NEVER been let down by their quality, prices, or membership. If you're curious about it, feel free to ask me questions! I think everyone should wear it, think Lululemon, but HALF THE PRICE!!!!

If you want to feel confident your leggings, ditch the Lotus bs and go for the Fabletics. I know you won't regret it.