Jaze's Birth Story!

Okay, so my baby is TURNING TWO!!? Like how?! So I thought there is no better time to share his story. I am going to make this really short and sweet (basically how my labours go minus the holding onto the bedrail with a death grip and saying I can't do this in full out exorcist mode.. anyone relate?)

So little back story, Baby Jaze was suppose to be born June 26th. Initially I was at risk for preterm labour because his sister was needy as fuck and needed to get out exactly a month before her due date. Her early delivery did not prepare me for this dudes gigantic entrance into the world (they were almost 3lbs different! It still gives me the heebie jeebies to think about it) As my friend Tara says "it's so barbaric" and I couldn't agree more.

So it's the morning of July 3rd. I am a full week overdue and being induced the following day. I was terrified of the thought of being induced because I have only ever heard traumatic stories come from them. I woke up this morning, ready to go. I was so tired, and sore, and honestly I cried all morning. I knew it had to be almost time, but I felt like waiting was going to actually kill me. We went to visit family that morning, got home around 1pm and I was starting to cook kraft dinner (instant drool)… MY WATER BROKE. I said "I think my water broke" because even though it's happened before you never know with pregnancy?...did I just pee a little? LOL this time it was way different then with Jersey. My water broke first with her too, but it was just a little and stopped. With Jaze it was like Niagara Falls opened up in my vagina and I was soaked and it didn't stop.

So again I said "my water broke" starting to get very anxious, scared, nervous about what is to come. We hop in the car and head straight to the hospital. My contractions started right away on the drive there and we live only like 5 minutes from the hospital. As my husband was driving, I was calling family to meet us there to get Jersey. That was one of the most gut wrenching, emotional, heartbreaking, but incredible moments knowing that the next time I saw her we would be a family of four not three. I WAS A MESS.

I feel like everything actually happened faster than what it is taking me to write this out. We got checked in, and they assessed me saying I was already 4cm... I was in labour for like 30 minutes at this point. I told them we expected it to go pretty quickly so the nurses got a room ready and we were heading to our birthing room ASAP.

I went from those 4cm to ready to push in basically 1-1.5 hours. I was pacing my room, feeling like I constantly had to pee/poop and squatting.. I don't know why, but this gave me a certain amount of relief (but I was still in a TREMENDOUS amount of pain). No medication, no calm before the storm, it was just complete fucking chaos. The second time they checked me I was 9cm (being checked was so painful!? Anyone agree?) This is the point where I am clinging to the bedrail like the exorcist telling my husband "I can't do this" and he was so calm and PERFECT the whole time. I really couldn't have done it without him.

I haven't even seen a Doctor yet, and I am ready to push. The nurses are telling me not to ( LIKE HOW DO YOU NOT EVEN?) but at this point my body was just doing it's thing and I literally had no control. I felt like pushing gave me a diversion from the pain I was in and a small sense of relaxation. It took the edge off the crippling amount of agony my body was going through. The Doctor rushes in, I'm pushing and he gets ready to go. Jaze's head was visible, but he just wasn't coming any further. My Doctor asked if he could perform an episiotomy.. "HELL YES". At this point I am just wanting to get this baby out ASAP.

As soon as it was done, my husband claims Jaze came out like a football and the Doctor had to catch him. He says it definitely wasn't my lack of pushing, and honestly that part was always easier for me. They go to place Jaze on my chest, but his umbilical cord was so short he could only reach my belly.. so weird. From water breaking to in my arms was 1.5-2 hours. I wish I could say I was overwhelmed with joy and infatuated with this sweet baby boy immediately, but I really wasn't. His 8lb 11oz frame literally tore through my body like one hell of a wrecking ball. My body was in so much shock because it happened so damn fast and shaking badly I had to be held down to get stitched back up. And that's that. I couldn't sit properly for like a month.. that was so much fun (kidding). After Jersey was born I felt perfectly normal like nothing even happened.. maybe that's why I was so convinced I wanted to do it again...

He really made his entrance the same way he lives his life, nonstop, no fear and ready to do damage (whether this be to himself or his sister). He is a force to be reckoned with.