The Secret To Being A Happy Mom

A few months ago, I started a blog post (never finished) on how I just wanted to be a happy mom, because I just wasn't. I was suffering so bad mentally, basically this whole year I was in a bad funk. I resented everything about my husband and my kids would break me down so easily. I was worn out, pissed off, feeling underappreciated and never valued. When we are always catering to everyone else, it kinda feels like no one cares or wants to help us, you know what I mean? And if you're reading this and not a stay at home mom you may be thinking she's a selfish bitch, but if you're anything like me with two crazy kids at you 24/7 you probably have felt the Mommy Burnout as well.

I say 24/7 because it actually is (for me anyways). I think my children just love me so damn much (insert sarcasm and eye rolling) that they have to come find me in the middle of the night... like every other night it's one or the other climbing on top of me. When it comes down to it I don't mind the cuddling because I know that won't be forever, but the snoring, rib kicks, attempted sleep walking and constantly chatting in my ear is not my favorite.

OKAY, totally got off track there, but.....

Everyday I felt like I was constantly frustrated, way too annoyed (over stupid shit), which always led me to be so short fused at my kids and my husband too (Sorry Jojo). Between the crayons all over the walls, the meals being fed to the dogs or thrown out and the majority of my time being spent trying to redirect every and all moves the little maniacs were making, I was just stuck thinking "why fucking bother?' It was a fog where I felt no one ever heard what I was saying, how I was feeling, or made me think they just didn't give a fuck. This fog was affecting every single aspect of my life. EVERYTHING. There were days I didn't even want to bother getting out of bed.... ever feel the way?

The one thing I can say I am super grateful for is my bestie being home with her kiddos too so at least I know she understands and hears me (thanks for always listening Katie). We actually talk about running away together just for a night of silence, NO WHINING, NO MOM MOM MOOOOOMMMMMM and no goddamn torturous bedtimes (seriously the absolute worst time of the day).

BUT THEN IT HAPPENED. A weekend away. Two nights away and I missed my little assholes SO MUCH. I missed their quirky attitudes, sweet smiles, and their spontaneous and ambitious personalities. I realized just maybe I didn't hate my husband after all (jokingly). We got home and all week I HAVE BEEN HAPPY! I'm not short fused or hateful. I'm not frustrated and screaming every other minute. I've been smiling, like a lot, and appreciating my babes when before I just wanted to give them away on a daily basis, you know what I mean?

Chase Rice OMG
So the secret to being a happy mom **drumroll please** is actually just getting some time away from them and trust me I know it's hard, so hard. BUT you need the time away from them, just like the kids need to also socialize with family members as well (Thanks Auntie Carrie + Uncle Jamie!!) We had 10 freaking months since the last time we've had a night away together and that is much too long. Parenthood is hard and no time to actually connect as Husband and Wife instead of just Mom and Dad, really takes a toll on you as an individual and as a couple.

So listen, I know you're a super wife and a super mom, so I KNOW you're super tired. Make a plan. Set a date. And enjoy yourself. Whether it be with your spouse or your best gf, GET OUT FOR THE NIGHT OR TWO (because no one wants to deal with crazy ass mofos when you're hungover.. am I right? HAH)

Futhermore if you live in sweats, comfies, pony tails and no makeup because you get woke up on the drop of a dime and need as quickly as possible to get ready before you need to play, feed, clean, chase, cuddle, etc, all day everyday, AGAIN YOU need the time to feel like a functioning PRETTY adult. Taking a hot, quiet shower, putting on makeup and a pretty outfit can make you feel so much better because I just know that talking to a 2 year old and almost 4 year old nonstop leaves me wondering if I even know how to hold an adult conversation anymore....

So moral of the story, get out of the damn house and live your best life RIGHT NOW, because if Mama isn't happy, ain't nobody happy!