...because I Mom SO HARD.

You know what? Most of the time, my house looks like a bomb went off in it. Actually, not only does the inside of my house, but the outside does too. And well, I guess the majority of the time, I also look like I've stuck my finger in a light socket and got electrocuted from here to Timbuctu and that's okay because I MOM SO HARD.

Yeah, my lawn grows longer than it should. My yard constantly looks like I have a yard sale going on and I am positive there's beer cans still sitting on my deck from weeks ago, but that's okay because I MOM SO HARD.

Sure thing, there's times when I yell too loud, get frustrated too easily, and definitely drink too much, but that's okay because I MOM SO HARD.

You know my couch in the playroom downstairs looks like my washer blew up because it's always covered in clothes. Then my kids and I show up in wrinkled clothes and dirty bare feet, but that's okay because I MOM SO HARD.

Some days I drink more caffeine than water. Some weeks I'll eat chips for every damn supper and feed them to the kids too, but that's okay because I MOM SO HARD.

Sometimes I'm going to cuss waaaaay too much. Sometimes I'm going to cry too much. Sometimes I'll wonder why the hell I wanted to be a Mother, but that's okay because I MOM SO HARD.

There are times my dishes set in the sink overnight, I may not make a bed for weeks and I couldn't even tell you where the fuck my mop is? but that's okay because I MOM SO HARD.

I'm not perfect and I never pretend that I am. I don't have to be your definition as a Mother and because I may be different, that doesn't make you better. I'll be the first to admit I am shit for cleaning (my poor husband would agree). I'd rather be having fun and making memories cause those crazy psychotic babies are only ALL MINE for a short five years. I'd rather be having water gun fights, the dishes, laundry, mop, etc will be there when I'm ready. You don't have to like me, my style or my ways because I surely do not give two fucks.

For all the Mama's feeling judged and feeling like doing their best just isn't good enough, trust me IT IS.

remember that ^^^