FREE things to do with kids in Truro, NS this August

Are you running out of things to do?

Okay, I know the summer is slowly coming to an end and you're tired of doing the same things, so hopefully this helps. This list may be short, but it is nonetheless  entertaining! Having an almost 4 year old and a 2 year old, being outside is essential. I find that other moms are always looking for fun things to do in the area that don't empty the pocket book. Within the small community there are a few things to keep your kids busy, that are FREE, so here we go!

1) Wanna get wet? Our very favorite known spot would be Victoria Park. OBVIOUSLY, like how could it not? We go a few times a week, My kids absolutely love the splash pad, playground and walking up to see the falls. We often pack a lunch and have a picnic as well. Honestly, they could play there for hours upon hours and sometimes we do. There is also a canteen open daily, which is awesome when you need to bribe your children with ice cream to leave peacefully... or maybe I'm the only one that does that? 

2) Live music anyone? At Civic Square at noon, they have live music playing. This is a great place for a picnic, of course it is lunch time and my kids love running around and dancing to the music. It's amusing because it's something outside of our ordinary day. (Taco Stiles and Waffles On My Mind are always there too)

3) Family movie night? Friday evening (9pm) at Victoria Park you can find families cuddling in front of the stage where they have a big screening for family movies. If there is rain, they relocate the showing to Douglas Street School, how cool is that? Moving forward the movies being shown are:

Friday, August 10th - Mary Poppins
Friday, August 17th - Mulan
Friday, August 24th - Race to Witch Mountain

So bring your chairs, blankets and lots of snacks and go get cozy.

4) Love free concerts? Also in Victoria Park from 2-4pm on Sunday you can enjoy live music. Honestly, I really don't care who's playing because it's just about getting my kids outside, creating new experiences and interacting with different people, but if you're curious, you can find it HERE.

5) Picnic obsessed? We are. Head to the Tidal Bore for a change of scenery and go for a stroll.

6) Want to get out of the sun for awhile? Head into the library! There's a great spot for kids to read, play and get along with others.

Maybe you already knew some of these or maybe you knew none, but I hope you found some inspiration to have some free entertainment for the rest of your summer. Wear your hats and sunscreen. Always have a water bottle on hand and enjoy it while you can!

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