How to be the BEST MOM you can be.

Maybe you've had irish twins, 2 under 2, maybe you're a single parent, maybe your partner works away, no matter the situation you're in, I GET IT. You are so unbelievably tired. You're mentally drained, physically exhausted, and stressed to the max. You don't know how you're going to make it through one more day, but you will because you always do. The key to surviving, to being happier, to being yourself MORE THAN 'just a mom'...

ASKING FOR HELP. Yep, that's it. Who knew it could be so easy, right? But when it comes to your partner I feel you can demand it. I say demand it, because well you know men don't always hear what we are saying because it's fantasy football draft night and they're elbow deep in magazines and stats so they're just waving at you to go away. They hear you, but they sure as hell ain't listening. SO DEMAND IT. Communication is key and if they respect you, you shouldn't have to ask the same thing over and over and over again...

You shouldn't have to feel like you have to have a full meltdown to finally "earn" their help. You shouldn't have to cry or scream over spilled milk, yes I'm actually speaking literally, to deserve a helping hand. You shouldn't have to barter with them to help you with your kids. You're both parents aren't you? So why is it that a mother is "required" to parent 100% of the time?

But listen, if someone offers to help and you turn it down, NAH UHHHH. Stop complaining then. Accept all offers. Even if it's just doing your dishes or laundry, but "they don't load the dishwasher the right way or fold the towels how I want them..." Guess what sister, they're doing THEIR BEST. Respect that. If you're not accepting the help you desperately need because of shit reasons like that, you need to work on changing your mindset.

ALSO stop comparing to other moms on social media who might get to shower, dress the kids and herself flawlessly everyday. Who works a home biz. Who has the perfect spotless house on the daily because you're not seeing HER VILLAGE that helps her accomplish everything that she does. I can guarantee that she doesn't do everything alone.

Don't feel guilty. Don't feel ashamed. Don't feel embarrassed. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TOO. Get a sitter. Have days where you swap kids with your friends, even if it's just to go get a hot coffee and scroll social media (my blog obvy ;)) in silence. Set chores when your kids are old enough. My daughter is almost 4 and routinely cleans her room, makes her bed, makes breakfast (anything in the toaster and microwave), feeds the dogs, puts away laundry. No, everything isn't done how I would do it, but she's doing her best. So what more can you ask?

The laundry, dishes, untidy space will be there when you're ready. Just enjoy your kids at this age NOW, because each and everyday they're learning, growing and changing into different little humans.