It happens. Sometimes we go through a season of life where we can't seem to get our shit together. We're tired, say we're unmotivated, say we don't have time, but continue sitting on the couch binge watching the new season of OITNB while gorging potato chips and reese cups. Maybe it lasts a weekend, week, or even month(s)......

FYI no human is perfect and we all go through these seasons, so STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP. If you're struggling and want to feel better, drop a few pounds this week, and get back on track with your health journey follow these tips:

1) WATER. Drink half of your body weight in ounces every damn day! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT.

2) Workout in the morning 20-30 minutes, Whatever your activity is, BE CONSISTENT with your efforts.

3) Eat protein with every meal. Eat your carbs (fruit & whole grains) around your workout and eat just protein and veggies for supper. You should NEVER feel hungry. (Favorite veggie recipes HERE)

4) After supper, instead of sitting and watching tv all night like it's your job, take your children/spouse/dog for a walk. Even better plug in our earphones and go alone. It can be hard getting your ass out the door, but lace up and do it. You'll feel so great when you get home.

5) You need your beauty rest sleeping beauty, Try your best to get your 8 hours and I know having two toddlers myself this is nearly impossible, but just try going to bed earlier and see how you feel.

If you want maximum results, THIS WEEK try this and let me know how you feel. Just know that your fitness journey IS NOT all or nothing. You can still enjoy a treat and be healthy. Being a certain size doesn't make you healthy. Taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority in your own life is CRUCIAL. If you keep breaking promises to yourself, what does that say to your kids/family/friends? How many times have they seen you quit on yourself? Do not let your kids grow up thinking it's okay to give up if something is difficult. Your health is important. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE WORTHY AND MEANT FOR MORE.

Before kids & after kids. Over 100lbs gained and lost.

It's not always about choosing what you want RIGHT NOW. It's about choosing what you want MOST out of your life.

- Rachel Hollis