The secret to getting your kids eating veggies.


(yep, it's really that simple)

We all know we need the vitamins and nutrients from fruit and veggies, but nearly enough kids (and parents too) meet their requirements. Maybe your kids are the fussy ones, maybe it's you, it really doesn't matter. Making smoothies can benefit all of you. Obviously I'm not the first person to do this or try it or speak about, BUT I'm sharing what I do in hopes that it helps some of you get your kiddos healthier to build a strong immune system because we all know school is going to be a cesspool of bacteria.

1) PICK A BASE. Personally I don't like milk, so I always use an alternative for the base either being coconut water/milk or unsweetened almond milk. They are lower calorie and sugar option hence why I like using them.

2) PICK A GREEN. Spinach or kale? I prefer using spinach. I find that sometimes blending kale, it doesn't break down as smooth as the spinach. LOAD IT UP.

3) CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOURS! I'm going to share a few of my favorite variations in hope that it inspires you to try them.

Peach + hemp seeds + cinnamon (coconut water)

Banana + nuts + cocoa powder (almond milk)

Pineapple + chia seeds + shredded coconut (coconut water)

Banana + nut butters (almond milk)

There's so many different variations. You can mix and match numerous different varieties of berries. The more the merrier. I prefer to also use fresh fruit over frozen because I find that frozen has absolutely no taste. If you're looking to make it thicker to keep you fuller for longer you can try adding oats, avocado (makes it super creamy), PLAIN greek yogurt or even blending in ice. For more different flavours, try adding different extracts. Always taste before you pour and if it's not sweet enough I always love adding UNsweetened syrup.

(Just a quick lesson on sugar and why I choose plain greek yogurt because I always get lots of questions about it. Fruits and veggies have natural sugars and that is okay because they are also full of fibre, essential minerals, and anti-oxidants. BUT we need to be more aware of the sugar in your other foods, the dreaded added sugar. Eating too much  added sugar has so many negative health effects (weight gain, blood sugar problems, increased risk of heart disease and so on..) so next time you are at the grocery store and about to grab that fruit yogurt off the shelf, pick up the plain and compare the sugar content. Then compare it to a chocolate bar. It will blow your mind. You can never be too careful with what is going in your body and YOUR KIDS.)