Top Summer Reads!

Hello my fellow Chaos Coordinators! Do you remember those days when you could sit on the beach with a cold beer in one hand and a book in the other and enjoy the sweet simplicity of the peace? YEAH ME EITHER. Motherhood comes like a wrecking ball and all those quiet days we took for granted seem like a dream.. am I right? Or am I right? Or is that just me? Now we're wrangling children with both hands. Trying to keep sand out of their mouths, trying to keep their clothes on, trying to make sure they're not squatting and pooping on the beach (yep this has happened to me) all while the moment their feet have hit the sand they have already been going in opposite directions. These days I prefer to read a chapter or two with my coffee, if the timing is right (which is rare).

I am a personal development junkie which is pretty funny because I always thought people that read self help were hopeless, useless and would never find what they need from a book, BUT DAMN I WAS WRONG. I was young, naive, and feeling hopeless myself so I was just reflecting how I felt onto others, but that my friend is a story for another day.

SO here's 5 MUST READS if you're new to the personal development world:

1) GIRL WASH YOUR FACE - If you follow me on any social media platform you already know I am absolutely crazy obsessed with this book and Rachel Hollis. By far my favorite book EVER. She is honest, raw and open and talks about life and the lies we tell ourselves that dwindles our true potential. Honestly, I can't recommend it enough. I would shout it from the rooftops if I could.. or maybe I will?

2) THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK - Mark Manson has a way of really making you think. His approach with this book is to tell you to stop being positive all the time and just except the adversity of life because, well shit happens. He shows us how we are all flawed and limited individuals and need to embrace our fears and failures instead of avoiding and trying to run away from them. I haven't even finished it and I am in love with it!

3) LIFE'S GOLDEN TICKET - It's a story about second chances. This personal development novel is wrote entirely different than the others on my list. It is more of a story telling about a man who hides from his life. Sits in front of his television miserable every night. He's then given the second chance to go through his life, do things he should've done, said things he should've said and learn from others perspectives. It is full of life lessons to help you rediscover the life you're destined to live. Brendon Burchard created something life changing with this one. (I also have 2 of his other books and have heard him speak live. He is funny, witty and powerful with his wisdom and things he has overcame himself.)

4) YOU ARE A BADASS - This has been a favorite for years. If you lack confidence, always second guessing yourself, using negative self talk, comparing yourself to others, THIS IS FOR YOU. Jen Sincero will help you learn about yourself, what you love, what you don't (and how you can change it), and how to move forward kicking ass in your life! You are a force to be wreckoned with!

5) 5 SECOND RULE - Change your life in 5 seconds, yep it's that easy. Mel Robbins gives you a simple method to take control of your life and to stop letting fear hold you back. I actually listened to this whole audiobook in a very short period of time. It was addicting and she is so passionate when she speaks.

The thing about all of these, is that you don't have to like to read because you can better yourself, just by listening. Go check out AMAZON where you can get a 30 day free trial for their audibles. Also these aren't in any specific order. Girl Wash Your Face is definitely my #1 right now, but I am so indecisive and couldn't decided with the rest. Right now my daughter can't get the Netflix to work and is pulling on my arm like a maniac, so that's all folks. I would love to hear your fave reads and if you read any of these and what you thought.

Jenn xo