Stop Hating The Perfect Mom That You Are.

YOU, yes YOU. You are PERFECT.

You may not think it, you may not believe it, you may think I've had too much coffee or even wine for breakfast, but I am talking to YOU girlfriend. You know why you're the perfect mom? Because fate brought you and your baby together. Even if you were/are the most awful pregnant woman on the planet, you are perfect. 

You were connected to them for a reason. Everyday you’re taking care of them - feeding them, bathing them, cuddling them, playing with them. You are perfect to them and that’s all that matters. So d
on't underestimate yourself as a Mother. Don't judge yourself and compare to others. Don't think you're better or worse, you are just DIFFERENT. I write this as my son and daughter come running at me both with Elsa dresses saying they want to be princesses. There's a Frozen epidemic happening here.
yep, both in sissy's elsa dresses.

I think Motherhood is so full on uncertainty that we feel we have no choice, but to be a failure. We get ostracized if we choose bottle feeding over breastfeeding, co-sleeping over crib sleeping, or staying home or going back to work. 

 ....BUT you’re NOT a FAILURE. 

You were given YOUR baby for a reason. It’s okay to be grumpy sometimes and to have bad days. It’s okay to struggle and cry and scream. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, out of sorts, and pretty much over it all and wanting to put a “for sale” sign on your child at the curb. It's okay to feed them cereal for supper. We are all humans. We feel. We love. We make mistakes. Our babies see that and will grow up knowing that it’s okay to be HUMAN. It’s time we embrace that we are imperfectly parents growing imperfect humans in a perfectly imperfect world and that’s okay.  

Just because there’s the fit mom, the Pinterest mom, the vegan mom, the city mom, the country mom, the diva mom, the work from home mom, the crafty mom, the coupon mom, the anti-vaccination mom and whatever else you can think of, you don't have to be like them. Each mom is completely different, yet made perfectly for THEIR child. You’re not going to be like any other mom because they are them and YOU ARE YOU.  

You are PERFECT the way your are. You don’t need a fancy house. You don’t need a fancy car. You don’t need to buy your babies all the things. All they need is you. Your presence. All they need is a safe place that feels like home (this could even just be your arms everytime you wrap them around your wild babies.) 

Remember you are a life changer, every damn day. You are so amazing, even when you’re judging yourself. You are constantly wonderful, even through all the chaos. You’re THEIR mother and they are YOUR children. That’s never going to change. You are imperfectly PERFECT. 

xoxo Jenn